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Germany, January 2008
1:05:47 min, Narrative

After his internet date invites him to a filesharing website, Nick puts his friend Bracey's music online. Bracey's not happy. Neither is Nick.

Producer: Josh Bernhard, Bracey Smith and Russell Peborde
Director: Josh Bernhard
Writer: Josh Bernhard
Cinematographer: Josh Bernhard

Michael Pantozzi, Bracey Smith, Jonathan Hansen, Neil Becker

Josh Bernhard: Camera Operator, Cinematographer/DP, Director, Editor, Executive Producer, Print Return, Print Shipper, Sound Editor, Submission Contact, Writer Josh Bernhard grew up in Port Washington, New York, and graduated from the same high school as John Cassavetes (this is a point of pride for him). He attended Binghamton University and majored in cinema, studying under such renowned experimental filmmakers as Ken Jacobs and Martin Arnold. While his education gave him an insight into the possibilities of cinema, he never strayed far from his narrative roots.

Bernhard currently lives in Queens, New York, where he is prepping his next project.

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