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Canada| 2011 | :35:00 | Documentary Short
Director: Emily McMehen

Achante is an atmospheric portrait of Haitian Vodou. Using a unique filmmaking technique that combines a documentary shooting style with creative adaptations of religious icons and historical facts, Achante parallels the Vodou creation story with the historical creation of the free nation of Haiti. It features an original score by acclaimed musician Nick Zammuto, with voice over taken from a series of interviews with Max G. Beauvoir, a Houng'an and internationally recognized authority on Vodou.

Director: Emily McMehen
Producer: Emily McMehen, Geoffrey Sautner
Writer: Davoud Geramifard, Emily McMehen
Cinematographer: Geoffrey Sautner
Editor: Davoud Geramifard
Emily McMehen and Geoffrey Sautner are Canadian filmmakers living and working in London. Their recent projects include Transmission for Year Zero, an experimental narrative short project with noted British author Iain Sinclair, that premiered at Oberhausen International Short Film Festival in 2010, and Achante, a collaborative video project about Haitian Vodou shot entirely on location in Haiti. As a cinematographer, Geoffrey has a keen eye for detail and a powerful shooting style. Coming from a photography background, his unique signature employs a documentary shooting technique with a cinematic look and approach to composition. Director Emily McMehen comes from a Fine Art background and is interested in the conceptual relationship between art, cinema and the documentary format. Her technique invites the film's participants to collaborate on the overall structure and narrative of each project, aspiring to challenge conventional relationships between the documentary subject and filmmaker. Emily and Geoffrey have been working together for five years, independently producing artworks and short films, and have recently co-founded Mazibel Productions. Achante is the first in a series of collaborative projects through Mazibel entitled The Lives of the Saints, that will explore relationships between faiths across cultures, philosophy and non-linear narrative in film and video.