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USA | 2010 | 0:14:15 | Short Narrative
Directed by: Shannon Latimer

Set in the 1950’s, Penny and Charlie tells the story of Penny, an eight-year-old girl, struggling to cope with her mother’s impending death from a chronic illness. Her reaction is to please her mother, to assume more responsibilities and act perfectly-- as though she could fix it. Throughout her day, she counts her steps out in fours, she concentrates on the static of a broken radio. She holds her breath. She strives to make the best tea in the universe for her mother. In the only way this girl can comprehend, she is trying to make sense of her world and exert control in the face of a situation that couldn't be further from her control. Penny’s brother, Charlie, much to her ire, keeps his mother at a distance, increasingly misbehaving and acting destructively. Over the course of one miserably hot summer day - with her father away at work and Charlie working her last, raw nerve - Penny loses her grasp on the control that has kept her intact. 

Director: Shannon Latimer
Producer: Matthew Mercer, Shannon Latimer
Writer: Shannon Latimer
Editor: Christine Louise Berry
Director of Photography: Adam Habib
Composer: Bob Lydecker


Hannah Cullen, Blake Allan Fairbanks, Christine Dunn, Mark Overholt, Kaelyn Ray Lustig, Allie Hunter,  Cameron Protzman, Kiana Yager, Mark Overholt

Shannon Latimer: Director
Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Shannon recently received her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She holds her BA in English Writing from Knox College in Illinois. Before moving to Los Angeles, Shannon lived in Chicago where she worked in theatre as a writer and dramaturg. During her time at USC, Shannon wrote and directed several other short films—the most recent entitled Funny Yesterday. Shannon’s producing credits include the Advanced Project, ROSES, the Coca Cola Refreshing Filmmaker Finalist BACK TO THE MOVIES, and YOUR WEDDING. She was the recipient of the Mary Pickford Scholarship, the Entertainment Partners Scholarship for Excellence in Producing, and the SCA Scholarship. She was also awarded the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant for PENNY AND CHARLIE. Shannon is honored and extremely grateful to have worked with the talented, hardworking cast and crew of PENNY AND CHARLIE.

contact: shlatimer@gmail.com