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USA | 2009 | 0:17:00 | Short Documentary
Directed by: Heather Harlow

'When someone dies in Greece they say, 'live to make your loved one live again'', relates Maxie Leoussis in Nous Deux Encore [Together Again]. 'This man is totally alive for me. Alive in his absence.' Twenty-two years after the sudden death of her Greek husband, this former French television journalist takes us into the soul of the love affair that changed her life forever. Captured visually through many of the countless photographs that he snapped over the years, this piercing portrait of one couple’s passion for life and each other will touch even the most disenchanted hearts.

Director: Heather Harlow
Producer: Tessa Papas, Heather Harlow
Editor: Jacob Pander
Director of Photography: Jacob Pander
Composer: Michael Hoppé

Maxie Leoussis (voice)

Heather Harlow: Director, Manager, Print Return, Print Shipper, Producer, Submission Contact

Scientist-turned-filmmaker Heather Harlow began her career in 1999, in Northern Himalayan, India, filming interviews for a research study on the use of plants in traditional Tibetan medicine. Her unusual background includes an undergraduate degree in fine arts (photography) from the University of Oregon, and a double Master of Science Degree in botanical sciences and conservation biology from the University of Hawaii. While specializing in medicinal plants and their cultural uses, Harlow conducted field research in Nepal and Polynesia, as well as India.

In 2002, she co-founded the non-profit Northwest Documentary Arts & Media and spent two years on the team that made the award-winning one-hour documentary, Sun Gu Ja: A Century of Korean Pioneers, which traces the 100- year history of Korean immigration to the Pacific Coast.

Harlow has worked on over 60 commercials, industrials and videos to date, and currently serves as the resident production manager for the Emmy-winning @Large Films, which produces commercial films and videos for such clients as Nintendo, Ubisoft, and AAA.
Her extensive background in filmed entertainment includes serving as the associate producer on the Pander Bros.’ award-winning feature, Selfless; as a member of the team that cast Gus Van Sant’s Elephant and Paranoid Park and Hideo Nakata’s Ring II; as the production coordinator on such projects as Oregon Public Broadcasting’s “America’s History in the Making” and the Ben Folds’ music video, “Landed”; and the assistant producer of The Shins’ music video, “St. Simon.”

Maxie Leoussis: Voice
Nous Deux Encore [Together Again] is narrated by Maxie Leoussis, based on her own story, and was filmed on the eve of her 80th birthday. Born Josette Barellis in 1929 (the same year as Grace Kelly), Leoussis grew up in Monaco long before the tiny principality became a Mecca for the rich and glamorous. “It was just a village. Very provincial,” she says, noting that everyone knew each other.

In 1947, at the age of 18, she headed to Paris to attend college. Several years later, Leoussis returned to Monaco for the opportunity to break into broadcasting with the launch of Télé Monte Carlo, the first private television channel in Europe. By the time she returned to Paris, she was a full-fledged television director and reporter – paving the way for her to join the staff of a top-rated “60 Minutes”-style program for which Leoussis conducted in-depth interviews with major newsmakers and celebrities, including Bridget Bardot.

Before quitting her career to marry Greek businessman Yiannis Leoussis in 1971, she had become the first French television journalist to interview Jimi Hendrix and the last to cover Otis Redding in what would be his final concert before dying in a plane crash. During visits to the U.S., she had also produced and filmed two major television specials, including a hard-hitting look at drug-trafficking in America – which took her to such unlikely places as the campus of a top ten Ivy League university. Following her husband’s sudden death in 1984, Leoussis returned to Paris, and spent a year working on a corporate film, before retiring from television altogether. She ultimately returned to Athens, her former home for 12 years, and began working in theater and entertainment – including as an assistant to André Heller on his acclaimed extravaganza, “Afrika Afrika!,” and international opera star Jessye Norman.
Leoussis is featured in Living in Greece by Barbara Stoeltie, published in 2002.