• BIO
Canada | 2010 | 0:7:14 | Short Narrative
Directed by: Shaun Majumder

When a sexy beautiful young woman sits next to a sweet elderly man on a train, the ride is anything but boring. Kumar Pallana (Royal Tanenbaums, Bottle Rocket) stars along with Shelby Fenner (Vantage Point, The Guardian) in this sweet comedy about first and last impressions.

Director: Shaun Majumder
Producer: Michael Corbiere
Writer: Shaun Majumder
Editor: Shaun Majumder
Director of Photography: Eric Fenato
Composer: Patric Caird

Kumar Pallana, Shelby Fenner, Lyndsay Reader

Mind The Gap is based on an experience I had on a train a few years ago going from Toronto to Montreal. It was a busy long weekend and the train was packed. Sitting in the same row as I, was a sweet old man staring out the window. The seat next to him was open, and just before we were about to leave, this incredibly beautiful, sophisticated, sexy girl walks up and asks; “Is this seat taken?” He turned, saw her, and immediately fell in love. I was inspired. So I kept my ear to the wall throughout the entire trip and it was fascinating. I wrote the script as soon as I arrived in Montreal. 

The script sat idle for about four years. I knew I would make it some day but if I did, I would have to do it right. There was no rush. So after working with Kumar Pallana on an NBC pilot and having an incredibly talented, funny girlfriend in Shelby Fenner, I thought, wait a minute… There’s my cast. I just had to find a train to shoot on without breaking my bank. So my old film friend Michael Corbiere of Braincloud films joined me in the pursuit of a location. Enter Elaine McCulloch from VIA Rail Canada. It was kismet. I met her in the lobby of the Royal York Hotel in Toronto after she stopped me to tell me she enjoyed my work. She asked what I was up to and I told her about my cocka-mamey plan to make a film on a train but had no idea how to secure a car on the cheap. She looked at me and said… “Don’t worry, I got it.” I was like “What? What do you mean ‘you got it?’” As it turns out, she worked for Via Rail and was in charge of taking care of situations like that. Plus her boss Pierre was standing right there and they both agreed that they would love to take care of us. It was unbelievable. So because of their generosity we were able to shoot on a train car dedicated to us. 

Thank you to Michael Corbiere who wore a Producers hat for this project. Without his organizational skills and pulling together a great production team, this couldn’t have happened. 

Thanks to the crew. You all did a great Job. Of course to Kumar, Shelby and Lyndsay who donated their time to act in a fun little project for the love of the game. I really appreciate it.

And a very special thank you to everyone at Via Rail who really went out of their way to make this production go as smoothly as possible.