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USA | 2009 | 0:13:26 | Short Narrative
Directed by: Andy Brown

Bryce and Nadia have been dating for about 3 months when Bryce decides to bring her to his favorite sledding hill. After a little persuasion, Nadia agrees to ride with him down the steepest slope on the hill. As they are barreling down the hill, Bryce leans in and whispers 'I Love You' into Nadia's ear. When they reach the bottom of the slope, Nadia is not sure if she heard Bryce's whisper or not. And Bryce is not giving her any clues. They continue to go sledding together for the rest of the winter. Each time they descend the slope Bryce chooses the most treacherous moment to lean in and whisper into Nadia's ear. Come springtime, they must part ways because Bryce is leaving to study abroad. Years later Bryce returns to sledding hill and reveals why he had only spoken those words to her while speeding down the slope.

Director: Andy Brown
Producer: James Perkins
Writer: Andy Brown
Editor: Andy Brown
Director of Photography: Philip Armand
Digital Effects: Shahriar Rahman
Composer: Steve Lavner


Matthew Sincell, Megan Tusing

Megan Tusing: Lead Actor
Growing up in the small town of Baker, West Virginia, Megan first became involved with theatre through school performances and community theatre projects. Her growing interest in acting led to her enrollment as a theatre major at James Madison University. There she continued to perform, as well as taking on directing and stage design in several works staged at both the University’s experimental and main stage theatres.

After her exposure to the amazing theatre scene of the United Kingdom while spending a semester abroad in London, she became more intrigued to explore the awaiting opportunities in London’s sister city, New York. Since moving to NYC in January 2007, she has been involved with several theatrical productions, films and workshops and looks forward to the brave journey ahead.