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USA | 2009 | 0:08:00 | Narrative Short
Directed by: Erik Gernand

On the last day of sumer before heading off to college for the first time, 18-year old best friends JOSH and ALEX spend the entire day at the beach. Josh wants to connect with his friend and share a real moment - something they can remember from this turning point in their lives, but every time he tries, Alex shoots him down by calling him gay or queer. What seem like merely innocuous adolescent colloquialisms to Alex, finally push Josh to his breaking point and they get the real moment they both need, and one of them fears.

Director: Erik Gernand
Producer: Erik Gernand
Writer: Erik Gernand
Editor: Erik Gernand
Director of Photography: Cate Smierciak


Joe Sinopoli, Lawrence Kern