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UK | 2009 | 0:17:00| Short Narrative
Directed by: Ant Dinham

Tomek is a lonely Polish immigrant, lost in a Edinburgh half-life of cash-in-hand and hand-to-mouth, barren bed-sits and broken English, friendless faces slipping through the fingers of society. He's a teenager, with a tough, tired soul twice his age, cut off from his troubled past, without a future, barely clinging on to the perilous present. He scratches out a murky living, placing sex cards in phone boxes, at mercy to the cynical whims of his seedy bosses. 
One day, one of the sex cards catches his eye: a woman going by the name of Scottish Lauren, smiling seductively above the caption 'she wants to give you what you need'. Tomek finds himself strangely drawn to her, finding something to cling on to in the very idea of her. He plucks up the courage to pay her a visit, seeking her company more than anything physical. He talks reticently to her, reaching out to her in a way that is clearly not in his nature - asking if she is lonely, promising to make her happy if he could only have the chance.
Tomek gradually starts to follow Lauren, his obsession growing, his need for an emotional connection getting ever stronger. As he slowly insinuates himself into her personal life, he becomes embroiled in her troubled relationship with her violent ex-boyfriend, discovering a dark, twisted side to himself that he was never even aware existed.

Director: Ant Dinham
Producer: Richard Schulde
Writer: David McDonagh, Paolo Cabrelli


Joanne Cannon, Lukasz Kulek

Ant Dinham launched his directing career in the most unlikely of places, a tiny remote town in the centre of the Australian desert. Building on his background in motion graphics he shifted his focus to directing, starting in low budget tv commercials and borrowing his employer’s equipment to make short films on the weekends. 

In 2008 Ant relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland. This short marks the establishment of Ant as a UK-based film maker and if his current schedule is to be believed, he’s set to become on of the most prolific directors Scotland has seen.