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USA | 2009 | 0:19:30 | Short Narrative
Directed by: Moritz Rechenberg

Angel (16), a young Latino, lives with his indifferent father in the Ramona Gardens Projects of East Los Angeles. He quit school because he thinks he doesn’t learn anything useful there. Instead, he spends his time playing video games and hanging around with his homeboy Raul (16) and other gangsters. 

Angel met Jaime (17), African-American, during a Fire Service Youth Training a couple years back and they’ve been good buddies ever since. Jaime and Angel’s sister Maria (15) developed a hearty crush on each other and the two started dating.

Not only hurt by Maria’s rejection but because of territorial claims and racism generally inherent in the local gang, Raul pushes Angel to cut his ties with Jaime.

Director: Moritz Rechenberg
Producer: Moritz Rechenberg, Monique Moncayo, George Sarabia
Writer: Moritz Rechenberg
Editor: Moritz Rechenberg
Director of Photography: Goran Neric, Loren White, Nathan Meier
Digital Effects: Loren White
Composer: Jake Staley


Jose Morales, Natasha Moncayo, Titus Makin, Vincent Macias

Moritz Rechenberg grows up in the small, rural town of Brannenburg in Upper Bavaria, Germany where the pristine countryside soon inspires him to work with photography and video. He completes the Abitur and moves to Munich, the cultural metropolis and state capital, to study Sociology and Art History. In 2004 Rechenberg puts his full attention to filmmaking and subsequently moves to Los Angeles to attend the film program at the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). In May 2008 he graduates from CalArts with the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

The focus of Rechenberg's work is on narrative shorts and documentaries and he is now in development of his first feature. Geography and "Place" – physical and socio-political – are most often his first inspiration. Parallel worlds and microcosms of our society in the shadow of mainstream culture and therefore often ignored or even negatively transfigured, are thematic constants. He has found a profound fascination in the "megacity" Los Angeles, with its many facets, its schizophrenia and beauty. Through different genres, Rechenberg’s films seek to document, portrait and examine how people from various backgrounds live together in a globalized world.

Director Statement 
TICKED is a narrative short film inspired by articles from the LA TIMES that dealt with racially motivated murders on the streets of Los Angeles, frequently among teenagers. 

The idea was to make a film about street life in Los Angeles without glamorizing it and to work closely with a community that is suffering from violent crimes. A couple of months were spent looking for the right group of kids that wanted to crew and star in the film. After some time, I was referred to Monique Moncayo, an energetic young woman who runs the TEEN CLUB at Hazard Park in Boyle Heights. There she regularly meets with a group of kids to do homework, do sports and play games, go to the beach, visit college campuses, go camping, have BBQ’s and movie nights or just to hang out. 

Immediately this seemed to be the right group and I did my best to convince them to take part in this undertaking. The most vital aspects of the project were to give the kids an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of "how a film is made” and to let their personalities, their own experiences and ideas bring life to the characters that were sketched out before. 

After weeks of getting to know each other, respect and trust building, rehearsals and a crash, crash, crash course in filmmaking techniques, we couldn’t wait to actually start shooting – The Hazard Park Project was born.