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USA | 2012| 0:17:30 | Narrative | NY Premiere

A man's beleaguered existence is further complicated when a mysterious stranger persuades him into what is promised as a simple ride across town.

Director: Brandon Vedder
Producer: Brandon Vedder
Writer: Brandon Vedder
Cinematographer: Colin Mika
Editor: Brandon Vedder
Sound Editor: Bob Kellough

Andew Makashima, Jessica Crum, Tim Stafford


BRANDON VEDDER (Director, Editor, Writer) is a poised young filmmaker whose passion for storytelling has lead him through directing music videos, short films and commercials to writing feature length screenplays to traveling the world shooting music and social issue documentaries. As an ambidextrous filmmaker Brandon switches between directing, writing and cinematography based on the project and his vision.

After beginning his film career shooting mostly live music Brandon was called upon in 2003 to document rock band, Pearl Jam's national "Riot Act" tour. That became the multi platinum selling live DVD "Pearl Jam: Live at the Garden". Since the success of that film Brandon has captured top rock and hip hop artists Wu-Tang Clan, Sleater Kinney, Lauryn Hill, OK GO, Mos Def, Sparta, De La Soul, Jet, Dispatch and many others.

Brandon applied his cinematography skills to a more traditional documentary project while shooting "The Legacy Project" in South Africa over the summer of 2008. "The Legacy Project" captured the aftermath of South Africa's violent and unstable xenophobic outbursts. Brandon followed that up by directing a series of short documentaries looking behind the scenes on the lives of present day 3 ring circus performers. PBS purchased some of his footage for their mini series, "Circus". In 2010 months after the devastating earthquake Brandon made his way down to Haiti to begin production on "La Source". "La Source" tells the story of a committed Haitian immigrant's struggle to provide clean water to his home village at whatever the cost. Brandon served as co-cinematographer, co-writer and co-editor. The film is nearing completion and will be premiering on the festival circuit mid 2012.

On the narrative side Brandon has written and directed a handful of short films and music videos, some under contract and some independently. Both his shorts and music videos have also seen festival play and prestigious online premieres. Brandon is currently in post-production on "La Source" and has teamed up with Producer Laura D. Smith (Punch Drunk Love, That Evening Sun, Happy Endings) to secure financing to direct his first feature from his screenplay, "No Man Is An Island".