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Ireland, UK | 2011 | 0:19:00 | Narrative |World Premiere

Running away from a broken heart, Sean decides to go back to his roots and drive around Ireland. He soon finds himself in the middle of nowhere, when he picks up a beautiful young Irish woman; Sarah. Shortly into the journey, Sarah confesses something to him that will transfer him into a world of trouble...

Director: Mason Cardiff
Executive Producer: Julie Williams
Producer: Edwina Forkin
Writer: Mason Cardiff
Cinematographer: Jack Corny
Editor: Dan Roberts
Music: Len Arran
Sound Editor: Michael Lemass

Jane McGrath, Own Roe, Rob Soohan
MASON CARDIFF (director, writer) started his film career as a child actor at the age of six with a small part in Harold Prince's A Little Night Music. His acting credits also include Peter Hunt's Last days of Pompaii, Michael Winner's The Wicked Lady, Daryl Duke's Tai Pan and Peter Duffell's The Far Pavilions where he was the stunt double for Tony Jordan.

He worked with his Father, Cameraman and Director Jack Cardiff in different capacities on twelve feature films including Conan the Destroyer, Cat's Eye, Ghost Story and Rambo: First Blood II.

After completing training at Panavision, Mason worked on four feature films in the camera department as clapper loader/focus puller including Richard Fleicher's The Magic Balloon and Ronald Neam's Call from Space. He has also worked as a focus puller and camera operator on numerous commercials and music videos.

After setting up Down Cold Productions in 2007, he executive Produced Craig McCall's critically acclaimed feature documentary Cameraman - The Life and Work of Jack Cardiff featuring Martin Scorsese, Lauren Bacall and Kirk Douglas. This is Mason's first short film as a Director.

EDWINA FORKIM (Producer) - after graduating from Trinity College where she was also Entertainments Officer, Edwina lived in San Francisco for five years working in the Music business. Returning with a new ambition to work in film she quickly graduated from the EAVE Media Business School and subsequently from the ACE producers program. She set up Zanzibar Films in 2002.

Edwina's debut Feature Headrush has four international awards to its credit. Her second feature Sugar premiered in Sundance 2005 and screened in competition at Edinburgh & Thessaloniki film festivals. Swansong - the story of Occi Byrne received six IFTA nominations in 2011, winning Best Actor and she recently completed 2 Graves for director Yvonne McDevitt.

She is also involved as co-producer on feature films Dotcom and Johnny Was, and associate producer on Soul Boy. Her feature length documentaries are Aldan Walsh - Master of the Universe and Breaking Boundaries - the Irish Cricket team's world cup (2008), Shimmy Marcus's Documentary Good Cake Bad Cake and Patrick Jolley's Documentary A Door Ajar.

Edwina is currently in post-production on the TV series Jack Taylor - Priest and the Sorrows. and also in pre-production on the TV series Jack Taylor - Tinkers. She is working on numerous features including 66 Degrees North for director Oskar Jonasson, due for production early 2013, while also co-producing The Treehouse. Zanzibar's short film - New Boy was nominated for an Academy Award for Best short film 2009.

JACK CONROY, a student from the College of Technology Portlaoise Ireland, and president of an electrical and building company, before becoming a film maker of the highest caliber in the entertainment industry for the past 37 years. Today his photography is studied at the finest film schools in the World and he has lectured in film colleges in Northern and Southern Ireland and in Chicago.

Jack has been the Director of Photography for twelve first time directors including academy nominated James Sheridan for My Left Foot which garnered five academy nominations with Daniel Day Lewis winning Best Actor Award and Brenda Fricker winning Best Actress Award. Jack has also been the Director of Photography for several second time directors including famous playwright Samuel Shepard and actor/director Dennis Quaid. To say that Jack Conroy has a vast knowledge of the film and video business would surely be an understatement.

Conroy has photographed such television films as The Irish RM, Two By Forsyth, The Real Charlotte, Frankenstein, Tyson, A Bright Shining Lie, The Nephew and The Last Outlaw. Features include, Now I Know, The Woman Who Married Clark Gable, (B & W), Broken Harvest, The Hunted, The Playboys, Silent Tongue, Everything That Rises, Homeward Bound II, Gold In the Streets, Nailed, Tick Tock and The Field.

LEN ARRAN is a songwriter/producer/ film music composer living and working in the UK and Ireland.

In the late 90's Len wrote 8 top 40 singles, with Skin and Skunk Anansie, including Hedonism and Twisted and Brazen on 3 Platinum Albums: Paranoid and Sunburnt, Stoosh and Post Orgasmic Chill.

The huge European hit Secretly was used in the film Cruel Intentions, along with tracks for Strangedays, Mission Impossible, The avengers and other television credits in Europe and America.

Other television work includes the acclaimed Paul Davey documentary Breaking Boundaries, a score for Graham Cantwell's The Coalboat Kids and the theme for BBC1 NI Sportscene.

Feature films include the Academy Award nominated New Boy, Push Hands and the award winning A Dublin Story, Past Pupil, L'Empire des Loups, The TruthAbout Love, Soulboy and is due to score Beth Lauren's Three Days in Dudlin. Eposodic television includes, Cat's Eyes, The Governor, V.I.P. and The Irish RM. Conroy has also written, directed and photographed several videos and documentaries for Irish television.


The idea for 'Nowhere in Particular' came from the newspaper article 'I'm going to die in your car', cut out by my Father before I was born. Two years before he died, I opened up one of his books and a tiny article fell out - he was always cutting out interesting snippets and using them for bookmarks. I asked him if he remembered the article, which he did, always thinking it would be an interesting idea for a short film.

The core premise of the film is that of suicide which is a dark subject. However, rather than explore the moral or tragic aspects, I wanted to look at a side experienced by those upon whom the 'cry for help' is imposed. Despite the terrible aspect of any form of self harm, the cry for help is after all also a type of threat, and it is somehow this imposition that rankles, even as we reproach ourselves for the thought. The character of the chemist doesn't shirk the responsibility of doing what he thinks is right regardless of the opinions of others, or what the consequences to himself could be. He employs a hard reasoning that is not immediately obvious, and it is clear to him that doing the right thing, even though it seems highly selfish, takes precedence over any possible repercussion.

He knows that this girl has chosen Sean in case she changes her mind at the last minute and he imposes his ethics on the younger man who has no choice but to co-own responsibility for the girl. This seemingly harsh education is actually tough love, leaving no room for fearful impulses. He has seen the right stuff in the younger man in the first place, or else he wouldn't have given him the burden. The lesson seems ruthless, as the truth is at times brutal.