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USA| 2011| 0:10:55|Narrative | NY Premiere

In the days prior to Halloween, Walt tinkers in his basement, plays chess in a laundromat with his friend Rhonda, and becomes lost in classical music. Art, friendship, and the ability to see things differently all intertwine in this touching film.

Director: Thom Anthony
Producer: Thom Anthony, Nicklaus Reichel
Writer: Thom Anthony
Cinematographer: Thom Anthony
Editor: Thom Anthony, Nicklaus Reichel
Original Music: Brian Grimm
Sound Mixer: Nicklaus Reichel

Arthur Noble, Alan Struthers, Morgan Boland, Thom Anthony

Made in only 48 hours, WALT is a study of what it means to look for escape through creation. This is the second film from director Thom Anthony, who studied film, acting, and directing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He likes peanut butter ice cream and the sound a rhinoceros makes.

Founded in 2009 by several University of Wisconsin-Madison film students, Tinker Films has produced narrative films, commercials, music videos and more in and around Madison, Wisconsin.