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USA| 2012| 16:23|Narrative| World Premiere

It doesn't take to long to figure out that you've been given the short end of the stick in life if you grew up in poverty. It's an everyday struggle, a rat race if you will, all for one thing- the American Dream. Jon and Chris have grown up poor their whole lives. There is no light at the end of their tunnel until one day they discover a mysterious bag of money. After true feelings surface on what to do with the money their morals, values, and friendship are all put to the test as this newly found wealth will ultimately decide their fate.

Director: Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes
Producer: Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes, Edward Vasquez
Writer: Beneyam Wolde-Yohannes
Cinematographer: Vafa Khatami
Editor: Cutler Gray, J.D. Moore

Markiss McFadden, Theron Cook, Monica Turner, Shishir Kurup