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Ireland | 2012 | 17:41 | Narrative

No Messages is a slice-of-life short comedy following Dave, a beleaguered Irish barman, over the course of one long day. As he waits for an important phonecall Dave has to put up with advice from his hungover boss and the pub's irritating regular (aptly named The Cock) as well as dealing with the nagging suspicion that he has no idea where the hell his life is going. But sometimes when you're drifting aimlessly, that much-needed kick up the arse can come when you least expect it.

No Messages stars Rory Connolly (Dublin Stories), David Murray (Amber, King of the Travellers, Batman Begins), Lacy Moore (Hollyoaks, The Clinic, Emmerdale) and award-winning comedian Eric Lalor (Amber). No Messages was crowd-funded via the Fund It website (www.fundit.ie). It was written and directed by Cian McGarrigle and produced by Eoin Lynch for Tengger Productions. Colm Whelan was Director of Photography.

The No Messages soundtrack features songs by Irish artists such as Mumblin' Deaf Ro, Groom, So Cow, Crayonsmith and Junior Doctor as well as a track by celebrated Scottish indie-rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks

Director:Cian McGarrigle
Producer: Eoin Lynch
Writer: Cian McGarrigle
Cinematographer: Colm Whelan
Editor: Cian McGarrigle


Cian McGarrigle is a writer/director from Dublin, Ireland.

He studied film at GMIT and the National Film School, Dublin.

No Messages is his third short film. His previous shorts - Slots and Detached screened at film festivals internationally and have both been broadcast on RTE television in Ireland.

Cian also directs advertisements and music videos including the debut video Quiet Little Voices for acclaimed Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks.