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Australia| 2011| 0:14:08|Narrative


Director: James Khehtie
Producer: James Khehtie
Cinematographer: Kevin Scott
Editor: Ceinwen Berry

Gary Sweet, Jack Thompson, Sigrid Thorton

JAMES FRANCIS KHEHTIE (Director & Producer) - has directed and produced several short films. He has also worked on a number of feature films, including Bruce Beresford's MAO'S LAST DANCER, LITTLE FISH and Academy Awards winner Cate Blanchett and LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE with Cannes-winning cinematographer Christopher Doyle HKSC.

James is committed to directing his first feature film in the near future and sees the epic nature of his latest directorial piece THE TELEGRAM MAN as a natural progression to that end. THE TELEGRAM MAN has been adapted from a short story by John Boyne, the award-winning author of THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PAJAMAS, who has given his full support for the film and serves as Executive Producer.

James has surrounded himself with acclaimed Australian film identities, including Academy Award-nominated director Bruce Beresford (DRIVING MISS DAISY) and Academy Award-winning cinematographer Russell Boyd ASC ACS (MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD), as well as veteran producers Anthony Buckley (WAKE IN FRIGHT) and Antonia Barnard (THE QUIET AMERICAN), all of whom have thrown their considerable weight behind THE TELEGRAM MAN and James's directing career.

JACK THOMPSON AS BILL WILLIAMS Iconic Austrlian actor jack Thompson need little introductions. He is a pioneer, a bon vivant, a raconteur and above all else, an astonishing talent. Jack has featured in film, television, radio and the stage for more than forty years. He was awarded Best Supporting Actor at the Cannes Film Festival and by the Australian Film Institute for his role as the military defense attorney in Bruce Beresford's Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated 'BREAKER' MORANT. Jack has featured in such films as Baz Luhrmann's THE GREAT GATSBY and AUSTRALIA, George Clooney's LEATHERHEADS, Steven Soderbergh's THE GOOD GERMAN, George Lucas's STAR WARS: EPISODE II - ATTACK OF THE CLONES, Clint Eastwood's MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL, and George Miller's THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER.

Jack received an Order of Australia for his contributions to the Australian film industry as was recently inducted into the Australian Film Walk of Fame. Film Critics Circle of Australia bestowed him the Lifetime Achievement Award and awarded him Best Actor for his work as a father adjusting to his gay son in THE SUM OF US, opposite Academy Award winner Russell Crowe. Jack has been Australia's Good Will Ambassador to the United Nations for a number of years. He has been addressing unemployment and housing shortages among indigenous Australians through the Jack Thompson Foundation, providing them with skills to succeed in long-terms employment opportunities and income generation, as well as to build their own houses out of the materials and resources available int heir own country.

In THE TELEGRAM MAN, Jack plays the title character Bill Williams who must deliver the worst kind of news during World War II Australia.

With a career so prolific, Gary Sweet is a familiar face to Australians everywhere. He has powered across film and television, bringing a huge range of naughty and nice characters to life, while winning a number of major acting awards along the way. A well-known, action man, Gary recently featured in Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg's Emmy Awards-winning mini-series THE PACIFIC. His recent films include THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER and MACBETH, opposite Sam Worthington. Gary has also appeared in numerous stage productions, including David Williamson's THE CLUB, the musical OH, WHAT A NIGHT, as well as THE RERUIT for the Melbourne Theatre Company.

In THE TELEGRAM MAN, the role of John Lewis has called a truly vulnerable and touching performance form Gary. When he first decided to become an actor, Gary's father told him, "You work with that Jack Thompson fellow." It has taken a long time, but THE TELEGRAM MAN has given Jack and Gary their first chance to work together and the result is a deeply emotive piece of cinema. Together with Jack and Sigrid Thornton, Gary was recently inducted into the Australian Film Walk of Fame.

An icon of the Australian screen, Sigrid Thornton has long been Australia's darling having starred in many films now regarded as classics of the Australian cinema. They include George Miller's box office hit THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER and Simon Wincer's THE LIGHTHORSEMEN. Her stellar television career highlights include THE BOY IN THE BUSH, opposite Academy Award-nominated Kenneth Branagh, and highly acclaimed ALL THE RIVERS RUN for HBO in the US. Veteran American producer and DALLAS creator David Jacobs created the female lead Amelia Lawson in his Emmy Award-nominated CBS series PARADISE (GUNS OF PARADISE) specifically for Sigrid, making her the first Australian actress in a starting role in a US network series.

Sigrid's stage works include TALKING HEADS, opposite Academy Awards-winner Brenda Blethyn, and the sell-out Australian tour of THE BLUE ROOM, for which she received Best Actress. Her most recent stage performance in A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC at the Sydney Opera House garnered rave reviews. Sigrid is well known for her ongoing world with World Vision, The Royal Children's Hospital, Reach Foundation and Vision Australia's Braille reading program for children. From the outset of her career as a child actor, Sigrid has been warmly embraced by audiences and critics. They have supported her forays into an unusually diverse range of format and genres, with the Australian press coining the phrase "The Sigrid Factor".

Sigrid reunited with Jack Thompson in THE TELEGRAM MAN for the first time since the 1982 classic THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER