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DOCKET 32357
USA | 2012| 0:13:58 | Narrative

In an eerily quiet courtroom hallway, Lois anxiously awaits the announcement of Docket 32357. Valerie, a successful retail buyer, rushes to take a seat next to Lois. Valerie desperately searches for her nicotine gum when Lois offers her a piece of candy. She accepts the offering, but continues to stress. While trying to give Valerie sage advice, a cascade of candy wrappers fall out of Lois' purse onto the floor. The two women relax.?The ominous voice that bellows from the speaker sparks a conversation between Lois and Valerie. We discover that Valerie has two cats and is married to a man who hasn't moved on from the exciting, carefree days of his youth. Valerie didn't have much time to settle down for a family. Her career is her priority. Lois is a housewife with a fourteen year old son who she adores to no end.?As the two women grow more comfortable with one another, they open up about their marriages. Lois is the good cop in the relationship. She always wanted her son to explore and learn about the world while Charlie, her husband, is stern and wanted to protect their boy from the ills of society. More times than not, Charlie won the battle.?Inspired by their conversation, Valerie offers her contact information to Lois so they could meet in a more intimate setting than a courtroom hallway. Lois accepts and mentions she'll have to find free time around her new job; a night custodian position to cover the hospital bills for her son. He was the victim of a drunk driver's hit and run. Valerie grows increasingly uncomfortable as the conversation continues. What the two women discover will change their lives moving forward.?Docket 32357 is a drama that examines the need to overcome loneliness even from the most unexpected of places and how we feel once that opportunity is squandered.

Director: Randy Wilkins
Producer: Jessica Brown
Writer: Eljon Wardally
Cinematographer: Jeff Pinilla
Editor: Ryan Denmark
Original Music: Jonathan Altman
Sound Editor: Dan Dzula
Sound Mixer: Brian Miklas

Ashley Robinson, Tara Gadomski, Kiel Perry
DOCKET 32357

RANDY WILKINS (Director) is a Bronx-bred director and cinematographer. Shortly after receiving his B.A. in English from Franklin and Marshall College, Randy's lifelong dream to play professional baseball was shattered after a significant injury. Under these tragic circumstances, he discovered a new passion, filmmaking. Befriending legendary filmmaker Spike Lee and by the director's urging, Randy enrolled in NYU's esteemed Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film Program where he earned a chair's fellowship and a Master of Fine Arts in 2009.

Randy's most successful film to date, "Osvaldo's," earned an exclusive license agreement with HBO for broadcast as well as numerous awards and festival screenings including Best Short Film at the Colorado Film Festival. Professionally, Randy has been raised through the legendary Forty Acres and A Mule Film Works, Inc. Beginning as an editorial intern on "Inside Man," Randy has worked on several Lee projects including "When the Levees Broke," "Miracle at St. Anna," "If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise," as well as various commercials. He recently completed post production for his new short film "Docket 32357" and is developing his first feature script "The Gunnery."