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USA | 2012| 0:12:36 | Narrative| World Premiere

Astorgos is about a orphan named Matthew Peters and his relationship to his brother Nathaniel Peters. These two brothers only have each other in life, so Matthew tries to do all that he can to make sure nothing can come between them. For Matthew this is an attempt to keep what is left of his family together. When a rumor sprouts up questioning Nathaniel sexuality, Matthew goes around fighting and defending his brother. Then when Matthew find out that this rumor might be true, he can't accept it and ends up abandoning Nathaniel in the orphanage. The story speaks on family relationships, and the folly of making bad decisions out of anger. It also deals with themes and issues of betrayal, abandonment, rekindling, family, loneliness, sexuality, rage, and forgiveness.

Director: Solomon Onita
Producer: Solomon Onita
Writer: Solomon Onita
Cinematographer: Benjamin Tubb
Editor: Solomon Onita
Original Music: Falu Phalu, Sam Garner
Sound Mixer: Michael Gonzalez

CAST Amber Prowl, Ashton Miramontes, Everett Walker, LaKresha Bates, Lynn Andrews, Nick Norrece Phillips, Rodney Lee


SOLOMON ONITA JR. (Director, Editor, Executive Producer, Writer) is a senior student at the University of Texas at Arlington. Astorgos is his student thesis Film. Solomon has been interested in learning and creating film/video media for about 7 years. He has hope of get more involved within the industry and living his passion as a writer, director, and educator.