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Australia| 2012| 0:08:32 |Experimental | NY Premiere

No Where, No One' is a film that relives the final moments of a dying man whose loss and isolation have driven him to commit a crime that will cost him his life.??Hunted and haunted by past and present alike, Abed Farhadi desperately navigates barbed wire walls, sewers and a twisting urban landscape in an attempt to escape his pursuers. As you relive the events leading to his death, Abed's unforgiving reality is juxtaposed with a compelling history that speaks of a far deeper, more complex tragedy. Lost, nowhere, and with no one to help him, Abed must fight to regain control of his future. Weaving a story that echoes the pain and suffering of millions Abed's struggle inspires and shocks you as this rhythmically driven film follows Abed back to the moment where he comes face to face with the news that has driven him to the point of despair

Director: Erin Collette
Executive Producer: Mario Brce
Producer: Kendall Sargeant
Writer: Erin Collette
Cinematographer: Joshua Dang
Editor: Celco Munoz
Original Music: Jerome Mouron
Sound Editor: Cleo de Kerorguen

Abed Landy, Joshua Dang