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Taiwan| 2011| 0:14:14|Documentary | World Premiere

After losing a young daughter to a rare heart disease, two parents transform their grief into a force for good by channeling their experiences to establish a national assistance program for other families with children with life threatening heart conditions.

Director: Hai-Tao Wu
Producer: Hai-Tao Wu
Cinematographer: Hai-Tao Wu
Editor: Napat Snidvongs
Sound Mixer: Napat Snidvongs, Nicholas Guldner
Sound Editor: Nicholas Guldner

Hai-Tao was previously a producer/cinematographer for TV commercials and Documentaries in Taiwan. Wanting to take a bite out the the Big Apple, he enrolled in the Writing/ Directing program in the Media Arts Production MFA program at the City College of New York.

He is now working full time in a tv station as a director and he has since put together an impressive portfolio of commercials, music videos, and documentaries, and continues to dazzle clients and audiences alike at the helm of his own production company, the "Mad Hatter Media."

Director's statement:

As a filmmaker, I was compelled to make this film because I feel deeply connected to children suffering with health issues as my own childhood was bombarded by treatment and therapy. It has been my personal goal as a filmmaker to give children who are afflicted a voice.