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France| 2012| 1:20:48 |Narrative| World Premiere

Youssef lives in a dormitory town and has just celebrated his 13 years. His best friend, Ladji, is plunged into the coma recently. When Youssef learns that the culprit is other one than his brother, he sees his family tearing under the eyes and tries to pick up the pieces.

Director: Jerome Maldhe
Producer: Liza Alster
Writer: Jerome Maldhe
Cinematographer: Arnaud Carney
Editor: Giuilia Rodino
Original Music: Julien Cocset
Sound Mixer: Damien Tronchot

Max Gomis, Sabrina Ouazani, Hammou Graia, Zaher Rehaz

After training as an actor at the Paris Conservatory with teachers such as Jean Pierre and Jean Louis Martino Bilhoreau, JEROME MALDHE joined the School of Dramatic Arts in Paris. At the end his training in 2000, he created CiteArt and serves as its president.

Jerome Maldhe started producing and staging theater performances for young people. Its purpose is to train young people in their neighborhood to access professionals to train for careers in theater and broadcasting. In 2001, he wrote, directed and produced, with his students, a short film which won the first prize "Views of the Neighborhood."

He co-produced 18 reports "Telecite" for France 3 with CiteArt where he was awarded "Talent of the Cities" by the Minister of the city in January 2002.

From 2003 to date, under the aegis of CiteArt, he produced some forty short films for young directors and created a regional festival of short film "us neighborhood".

Jerome Maldhe is also assistant coach and stages actor on feature films such as "chouchou," "les geants", "Coco,"a perdre la raison."

Since 2005 Jerome Maldhe, directed and wrote four short films, one which toured and won several festivals.

In 2009, Jerome Maldhe created a production company with a feature film with Liza Adela Films Alster, Carney and Alain Arnaud Mougenot.

In 2011, he directed his first feature film "Fly Like a Butterfly" under the aegis of his production company Adela Films.

Jerome Maldhe is currently writing his second feature, a developing unit for TV and has just created a second production company with Malek Oudjail, Authentiks Film where he plays the role of artistic producer.