• BIO
The Hemingway Night
USA, February 2009
19:30, Narrative

Years ago, Leon's house was the place to go - good conversation, excellent weed, good barbeque. Terry and his friends spent a lot of time there, drinking and arguing and fighting over girls.??That was a very long time ago. Leon and his wife divorced last year after 25 years together, and he's nursing grudges and drinking too much. Terry's reeling from a busted relationship, not getting as much done on his novel as he should. ??Terry comes by, after years without seeing his old friend, for a night of drinking and reminiscing. As the night wears on, Terry sees that a night he barely remembers is the night that Leon thinks destroyed his life.

Producer: J.R. Hughto
Director: Gary Mairs
Screenwriter: Tom Block
Cinematographer: Jay Keitel
Editor: Gary Maris