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Birthday Free For All
USA, May 2009
57:00, Documentary

Using the cradle of the American franchise, we begin our 24-hour journey into the unknown. This documentary reveals unusual employees lurking in the night. Our crew recruits these individuals to be disciples in the spirit of giving. Along the way, J. Paris and crew are met with obstacles set to derail their journey. They ingest these obstacles as fuel to thrust onward in their quest to make all those generous in society proud of their actions. The final results will shock you!

Producer: Tilii Tell It Like It Is and Empty Wallet Productions
Director: Jason M. Paris
Screenwriters: Jason M. Paris and Joseph Brady
Cinematographer: Joseph Brady
Editor: Jamin Brickner
J. Paris has been making movies since the invention of the VHS home camera/recorder in the 1980's. I have been writing/copyrighting poetry, screenplays, and acting for over 10 years. Hungry for attention, I began to formulate the best project to spring board my talents into the pool of worldwide media. With BIRTHDAY FREE FOR ALL, I designed a film to prove the best things in life are FREE. I embarked on this 24 hour journey with 3 friends, a 1985 Cutlass Supreme, a notebook, and my birthday. We had a rough outline for a schedule but never knew what to expect; which is exactly what makes this film incredible. A major computer crash halted post production for over a year but we never gave up. With a few pounds of perseverance and an editor who injected a gallon of fresh juice we squeezed out our completed project. We are currently funding the submissions into film festivals with money from the sale of classic car parts collected over the years on ebay. LADIES & GENTLEMAN, FRIENDS & FAMILY.......I give you BIRTHDAY FREE FOR ALL!