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5 Lost At Sea
Australia/Indonesia, Thailand; March 2009
55:46, Documentary

This is quite simply one of the most compelling adventures you will ever watch. The warts-and-all story of a doomed voyage driven by bad luck and bad relationships, "5 Lost At Sea" is a rollercoaster of emotions that will make you laugh as well as cry. It's the story of what can go wrong when 5 people chase a dream - some of whom have never met, 2 of whom are permanently seasick, and only one of whom has ever really sailed before. Of course, it helps if the only experienced sailor is Jesse Martin. Jesse is the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe solo, non-stop and unassisted. It was an amazing feat that Jesse achieved as an 18-year-old Australian school boy in 1999 and is a world record that still stands today. Jesse started planning his next adventure while he was on his solo voyage, and with the money from the book and documentary of his epic journey (plus the sale of his flat and car) he bought the 54-foot yacht Kijana. This time he wanted to sail round the world with friends, and stop off at all the unexplored places he sailed past last time. It was an odyssey that Jesse thought would take 3 years to complete. The journey ended after 9 months, with only 3 of the original 5-person crew left. Kijana was a challenge from its very inception. Jesse insisted that the crew should be novices. The crew consisted of his best friend Josh (21), his brother Beau (18), a recent friend Mika (23), and an American girl Nicolette (20) who nobody met until the day before they sailed. Jesse also met and fell in love with his first ever girlfriend, Maya, just weeks before they set sail in 2002. The first cracks in the voyage appeared after just a few days, with the boys firing shotguns at fish, and the girls unable to do anything because they were seasick. It was very much boys versus girls, with a meeting called to air grievances ending in screams, recriminations and tears. The group are momentarily united when the boat hits the Great Barrier Reef in the middle of the night. Stuck on the reef for nearly an hour, Jesse reveals that their situation is potentially fatal. Both boys and girls literally pray for their lives. In Arnhem Land the boys go feral, with echoes of "Lord of The Flies". When the boat lands in Darwin, the girls immediately leave. The boys meet 22 year old Danish backpacker Maria working in a Darwin pub, and invite her on the voyage. After 2 weeks at sea Maria and Beau are "an item". The new crew sail to West Timor and encounter dead bodies, burialcaves full of skulls, and witness 40 buffaloes slaughtered in a funeral ceremony. They arrive in Kuta, 2 days after the "Bali Bomb" which killed 202 people. By this time the mood is dark, Maria has left, and Beau Decides he wants to leave. But Jesse is determined to find adventure, and persuades Josh and Beau to spend 2 weeks looking for a remote nomadic tribe supposedly untouched by modern civilization. When they eventually find the remaining tribe members though, they are all watching satellite TV. Will they ever find what they're looking for? And then finally, they arrive at their paradise destination - the actual beach from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie "The Beach" at Phi Phi Le in Thailand. By this time the boys' friendships are paper thin, and they are joined by a new crew member. Jesse's girlfriend Maya has arrived. The bond between the boys finally snaps, and off- camera Beau punches Jesse. The dream is broken, leaving the crew to question what exactly went wrong.

Producer: Debbie Lee, Fiona Cochrane
Director: Jesse Martin, Josh Schmidt
Cinematographer: Josh Schmidt Editor: Ken Sallows
Josh Schmidt: With camera credits in both ?lm and television, Josh ?rst started working with Jesse in 2002 on "Kijana", initially as crew cameraman, then as co-director and editor of the rough cut. For the past few years Josh has spent his time filming adventure travel and humanitarian projects throughout the world including countries such as Antarctica, Africa and throughout Asia. He also has a keen focus for comedy directing the critically acclaimed 6 part comedy-drama Twentysomething, producing and directing the special features for series 4 of Kath & Kim and most recently sailing to Tasmania with Hamish and Andy filming their journey for Channel Ten's Rove. Jesse Martin: On October 31st 1999, aged 18, Jesse sailed into the record books when he became the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe, solo nonstop and unassisted in his yacht Lionheart. Since then Jesse has continued pursuing adventures aboard sailing boats. In 2002 he lead the ill-fated "Journey of Kijana" in which 5 friends set sail on an expected 3-year voyage around the world. In 2004 Jesse founded The Imajica Experience and subsequently spent 3 years leading adventure sail expeditions aboard the Schooner Majestic throughout the islands of Papua New Guinea. He has shot documentary footage in Papua New Guinea for two separate productions commissioned by the Discovery Network and National Geographic Channel and he produced the 10 minute promotional ?lm for The Imajica Experience. He is the author of two best-selling books, Lionheart and Kijana. In 2003 he was awarded an Order of Australia medal for his services to youth. Most recently Jesse co-produced Mika Tran's short film Shrapnel, and in 2009 the documentary of the ill-fated Kijana journey 5 Lost At Sea will air on the ABC.